Loved It

While walking by we noticed this boat rentals. We went in the check it out. They provided us with loads of exciting information. It sounded like so much fun so off we went for a little boat ride. We absolutely loved it.

Peaceful Day

My wife & I took off from Vancouver Boat Rentals early one morning and headed towards Granite Waterfalls. This is our favourite spot to go. We spent the day relaxing and swimming in the water. I had even packed a picnic for us to enjoy up there. This was our favourite part of the summer.

Friendly Staff

As a first time boater I was a little nervous, but the friendly staff made me feel at ease and got me up to speed in no time. I was out in the bay in no time and was amazed at what we got to see. I have never seen Vancouver this way before and […]

Great Location

Vancouver Boat Rentals has great location within minutes you are out in the open ocean. I decided to go around Stanley Park, under Lions Gate Bridge and into Coal Harbour. I would recommend this to anyone looking for adventure and a different way to see the city.

Family Fun

My family and I love renting with Vancouver Boat Rentals. We always have a great time.I will definitely be continuing to rent with Vancouver Boat Rentals for years to come, my whole family look forward to it every summer.

A Must Do In Vancouver

What a great location, in minutes we were out in the bay taking in the sites, like Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge and downtown Vancouver. I have lived in Vancouver for years but have never seen the city this way. Would recommend it to both locals and visitors.


While on Granville Island I noticed signs for this boat rental. I decided to go check it out, I was amazed to find out that I could take the boat out and drive it myself. I took the boat out for a short trip down false creek and out into the bay. I will be […]

Seal Adventure

We rented a boat to go to the seal colony. We drove out past the lighthouse, Bowen Island and further to reach Palm Rocks. It was amazing, we could not get over the amount of seals that were up on the rocks. My daughter took so many pictures and everyone really enjoyed the day.

So Much Fun

Thank you Vancouver Boat Rentals for a fun day out on the water. We had never rented a boat before and we are so happy we did it. We will definitely be back.

Loved Our Time

Thanks so much all the staff at Vancouver Boat Rentals fr the great day out. Rented a boat in March with 2 friends, would highly recommend it to any one. The boats were clean. – Jennifer F.