20130528_205022Vancouver is a great place for fishing with many fishing spots close to downtown. Fishing is for everyone from beginners to the more experienced, everyone has fun fishing. While out on your fishing charter you will be salmon fishing, bottom fishing and even crabbing. You will also find yourself surrounded by some amazing views while out fishing for the day.

Vancouvers must popular fish is the chinook salmon, but there is up to 5 salmon species in our waters. With salmon fishing running 365 days of the year there is never a bad time to rent a boat to go fishing. Crabbing is also very popular as traps can easily be dropped from your boat and picked up later after some fishing or touring around the harbour. Vancouver’s main crab to be caught is the Dungeness crab.

Our staff at Vancouver Boat Rentals will provide you with all the information you need for your fishing adventure, we will let you know the best fishing and crabbing spots. Call or book online today for your next fishing adventure.